Every dog should have the right to be trained, like every kid goes to school. Puppies learn very fast and very early (8 weeks). Training methods have dramatically changed. If you have trained a dog 13 or 14 years ago, you certainly have the experience, but the methods are totally different today. You are not up to date….

For anyone who would like to do it by themselves, don’t forget that your puppy needs to learn all the basics very young. Between 8 and 16 weeks, I suggest you to train with a video from called puppy training video. There is another trainer where Janice Gunn has videos available.

To find a good trainer, go and visit training places, before you have your puppy, feel the trainer, the techniques, etc. Take group classes. The idea is to socialize your dog with all kinds of dogs, and people. Very often, it is you that will have to adapt. The dog normally does what is asked…..
If you take private lessons, neither your dog nor you get out of your comfort zone.

When you reserve a puppy, I give you informations on dog training, amiability of guides canins team of St-Lazare. ( )You have in those infos all what you need to start and well train your new puppy. And if you have the opportunity to train there, I am sure you will love it, the installations are just great, and like nowhere else in Quebec. We could also see each other there…..

Potty training 

1) Get a 27X42 cage, with a divider.

2) Bring the puppy outside to do his business and SEE it done, treat. Then you can get back inside, and you should be ok for 15 to 30 minutes. If he doesn’t do anything at the first time, put him back in his kennel, without annoying him , start again 15 minutes later, until success.

3) Give the puppy 1 room at the time. You have success? Add a room, or add time.

4) There is no rush , anyway your puppy will be potty trained at one point….

5) A puppy that has a pee will lose interest in people, toys. Be alert! He is looking for a spot to do his business.

6) A puppy that has a poo will literally turn around on himself. You have time to grab him and put him outside.

7) The phone rings? PUPPY IN KENNEL

8) Your kid calls you from the basement? PUPPY IN KENNEL

Don’t forget that the cage is his private spot, his room. Would you let your kids in the hallway, without a bedroom?


My dogs must be groomed 4 times a year. As their coat is easy to clean, you can do it yourself. Go to the groomer at least a few times. Around 4 months, so he doesn’t have fear of the driers, and all kind of noises that will occur while he is there. I see it more as a socialisation experience than anything else. Brush all their fur once a week, insisting on ears, and groin.

Claws: When you get your puppy, his claws have been cut every week since he was 2 weeks. So please continue to have them cut, every 2 weeks. If you don’t like to use a cutter, you can also buy a grinder that will last you long, and is easy to use.(that’s what I use).

Ear cleaning: Ears must be cleaned once a month with a vet cleaner, and after each bath.